Before people rush to tell me how wrong I am, I completely understand that not everyone will agree with me on this post, everyone has different interests and opinions. As my favourite saying goes ‘there is no right or wrong way, it’s all about choice’. I just want to share the things we did during our trip that I probably wouldn’t do again, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t try them yourself.


Lonely Planet recommends this cable car so it must be good, right? I imagined a romantic ride, just the two of us taking in the views over the marina. I couldn’t have been more wrong! For a rip of price of 11 EUR per person (one way trip) we were herded inside like cattle with at least 10 other people. Although there was glass on all sides, if you’re the unlucky ones who ends up stuck in the middle there isn’t much too see other than the backs of peoples heads.


After getting off the first cable car you can get a second one that drops you off just below the castle. Rather than enduring another cable car ride we opted to walk up instead, which was a killer in almost 40’c heat. Entry to castle is only 10 EUR (although after reading TripAdvisor it appears prices seem to vary). If you’ve walked all the way to the top you may as well take a look around. The castle is well maintained but, there’s not much to see other than a couple of  decomitioned cannons. I think most people go inside hoping for a better view over the city and port. The view is the same except you’re just a little bit higher up.


When you think of Barcelona, most people think of the Sagrada Familiar. This was a must see for me so, I booked tickets before we even left the UK. I paid 29 EUR per person for entrance to the cathedral and to go up the Passion Façade. I choose the Passion over the Nativity Façade as its higher up and has views over the city centre. In hindsight, I think we would have preferred the Nativity as tower which was was built under the direct supervision of Antoni Gaudí. Don’t get me wrong the view was great but, as with most sights like this the view is always better when you’re looking at the place of interest, rather than the view from it. Save yourself some euros and just buy the standard ticket for 15 EUR per person (22 EUR if you want an audio guide), and with the 14 EUR you’ve save head to roof top bar for a cocktail instead.


It’s crowded, expensive (so I heard from other travellers) and full of hawkers. Beaches are pretty much the same wherever you go. The city however, is unique. There’s no other place in the world where you’ll find the best of Antonio Gaudi’s architecture, the Museu Picasso or Camp Nou. If time had of been on our side, maybe we would of had a day in the water but, in 5 days we only just scratched the surface of Barcelona. With so many amazing places to explore in the city, why spend it sitting on a beach?


P1050628 Photo taken in a great little Tapas restaurant on one of the side streets off La Rambla

La Rambla is probably one of the busiest streets in the whole of Barcelona. The food here tends to be a lower quality at a hiked up price, not to mention the constant pestering from hawkers even whilst you eat. Of course, there are exceptions to this. We ate a breakfast from La Boqueria market a couple of mornings and it was delicious. But, if you’re wanting good tapas veer off down the side streets and head to El Born which is known all over Barcelona as a food lovers paradise.

Have you been Barcelona? Was there anything you wouldn’t do again?

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